It’s time for my monthly shout-out series in which I share work from artists that I adore (and you should too). Quick story time: back in 2013 when I attended Nerdapalooza!!, every MC that I respected kept telling me I HAD to check out Orlando rapper E-Turn. Because of a well-timed flight delay I had a chance to check out her set at the afterparty and I am only just now picking my jaw up off the ground. Homie slaughtered the stage. She’s one of the most masterful MCs I have ever seen/heard. And as if she couldn’t get any cooler, she has also teamed up with superhuman DJ, SPS to put on the livest hip hop shows in existence. Short story shorter, check out the latest project from E-Turn and SPS entitled ESP HERE and then make sure you follow them on the interwebs.

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