Pieces in Space is the Don Giovanni Records debut LP from Ithaca, NY rapper/producer Sammus. Recorded at Ampliphonic Studios with Sosa – the audio engineer behind projects from Homeboy Sandman, Aesop Rock, and Kemba, among others – the album weaves raw confessions, pro-weirdo anthems, and clever musings on modern life into a unique story about black womanhood. The sound of Pieces is just as eclectic as its story: Sammus’ production swings from laid-back and melodic to bright and bouncy. While her flow is just as varied, it’s her unrelenting urgency that ties Pieces together.

Armed with guest appearances from rap legends Jean Grae, Homeboy Sandman, and Open Mike Eagle, her Don Giovanni labelmate Izzy True, as well as Brooklyn up-and-comer Latasha Alcindor, this project aims to establish Sammus as one of the great MCs, beat makers, and thinkers of this politically charged moment.



Infusion is the third-EP and fifth studio project from Ithaca, NY based rapper and producer Sammus. True to her usual form, the six-track EP finds the upstate MC drawing generously on her love of games and cartoons to explore every aspect of her identity — this time around she zeroes in on everything from her name and her age to her complicated status as a first-generation African girl living in America.

Still, in many ways this project stands in stark contrast to her past works. After a year filled with personal defeats and achievements, three tours, performances at SXSW, and recognition from a variety of notable publications — Sammus returns to the microphone (aided by sound engineer Alejandro “Sosa” Tello Jr.) bursting with new energy and armed with an array of dynamic beats.


1080p (SINGLE)

1080p” is the first single off Ithaca, NY rapper, producer, and PhD student Sammus’ forthcoming EP dropping in March 2016 (NuBlack Music Group). The song finds Sammus speaking openly about the highs and lows that have shaped her life since dropping her last album in 2014. Ultimately this revealing song is an important testament to the power of seeking help and prioritizing one’s mental health above all.

The message is clear: if you need help, do not suffer in silence.



“Three-Fifths” is a song about the cost of being viewed as subhuman. Armed with powerful rhymes from upstate NY spitter Sammus and rich production from her NuBlack Music Group labelmate, D Nilsz, this track forces listeners to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for being black in America. Above all, “Three Fifths” reminds us that black people are whole even though they are often treated like three-fifths of a human by law enforcement.



Another M is a seven-track EP that retells the story of intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran from the classic Nintendo game Metroid as she is imagined by producer, rapper, and feminist warrior Sammus.

Using the vehicle of self-produced hip hop beats inspired by the game’s soundtrack in combination with heartfelt lyrics and delivery, Sammus takes listeners on a journey from Samus’ lonely childhood with the Chozo race to her epic battle against the evil Mother Brain.



PRIME is the sophomore release from upstate NY producer and rapper Sammus following the success of her 2012 album M’other Brain.

It has been a year since Sammus fought and destroyed M’other Brain. The experience left her drained and questioning her desire and ability to continue in her line of work. Since that time she has been healing by taking a step back from the field and serving in an advisory role for a group of promising young bounty hunters. Floating across galaxies in a self-funded space station, Sammus spends her days training the group of ingénues in all her skills…READ MORE.



M’other Brain is a 13-track audio game that depicts the epic story of Sammus, the upstate-NY scholar, former teacher, intellectual bounty hunter, producer, rapper and visual artist in search of M’other Brain. This experience takes you through the twisted, cavernous tunnels of M’other Brain’s hideaway, where Sammus must battle everything from monsters to her own insecurities. Grab your power glove, some good headphones and close your eyes. You are now entering M’other Brain’s world.