WOW! So far tour life has been nothing short of amazing. I haven’t really been roughing it like I thought I would, a LOT more people have come out to shows than I expected, and I’ve been selling a ton more merch than I would have imagined possible. In short — the RWAC Tour is a bloody success! For those who want to follow what’s going on, I’ve been posting up pictures on my Facebook page every night after each show, with a plan to post a video as soon as I get back home and have time to do some editing work. Currently we’re chilling in Ithaca where we’ll be participating in a panel as well as a short performance tonight (RSVP here) and then tomorrow we finally leave the great state of NY for a show in Yellow Springs. And while you’re on my FB page, make sure you peep my shout-out for International Women’s Day! More pics soon.

2015-03-07 17.46.14



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