If you’ve been living under a rock (or just really are not that interested in my life — a perfectly reasonable alternative), I’ll be going on a tour with Mega Ran that starts NEXT WEEK!  A few people have asked me how they can support, so I decided to make a little post about it. The first way you can help is by buying merchandise from my online store — all purchases now include the addition of a brand new sticker with artwork from Kendra Wells. Also make sure to RSVP for any shows that are going to be in your area (you’ll need to actually buy a ticket for the NYC event). I’ve never been too proud to beg, so if you feel like offering a donation, I’ll gladly take that too! If you’re a company and want to sponsor the tour in exchange for some promo you can get at Mega Ran at And if you don’t have any coins — no worries — you can help by simply spreading the word about the tour!


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