Dope — so Power-Ups was featured on the incredible website Geek Girls last night! To read the whole writeup head over here and leave a comment if you can. I have also been receiving a lot of great support from friends and supporters for the video so I want to make sure I shout them out too. In particular, big thanks and hugs go out to GeekGirlCon, Afripop Magazine, FanBros [check out the end], Shoomisaacs.com, and Greener Side of Hip Hop for sending people my way! I also want to thank the Noobist for sharing my Metroid beats [remastered by the homie DJ Cutman], which btw, you can get for FREE here]. If you haven’t checked out the Power-Ups video yet, mosey on over to my Youtube page, and check it out now! Would WWE baller-shot-caller Xavier Woods ever lie to you?



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