Just a mile away from entering the city limits, Sammus is ambushed by a group of soldiers who begin firing at her. Although she has been out of practice for a year, she immediately recalls techniques that she learned from her close friend Chance Fischer, who accompanied her the year prior in her quest to find M’other Brain. She fires off her blaster cannon, eliminating her aggressors in seconds. As the sole remaining soldier shoots at her, she drops into a morph ball, and barrels towards him. Without a moment’s hesitation she leaps up and fires off a final blast, evaporating the soldier instantaneously. In the distance she notices her students struggling to fend off attacks from another group of soldiers. Racing forward she fires off three rounds from her blaster cannon, incinerating the enemies in mere seconds. As her students stand, paralyzed, shaking and stunned she yells, “Both of you get out of here! These are the big leagues!” The two race back towards their pod as Sammus returns her gaze to the city.

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