America | Hate Crimes x Post Racial Myths

Less than a week after I posted [America], my second single from M’other Brain, a song that seeks to destroy the myth of a post-racial USA, I found out about a hate crime that took place on Cornell University’s campus over the weekend. Evidently a student or alum [it’s unclear] who was hanging out at the fraternity Sigma Pi thought it would be funny to not only harass African American students by throwing bottles [yes, bottles] at them from a balcony but to also invoke Trayvon Martin, the slain victim of the most widely-publicized hate crime of 2012, by taunting the victims and telling them, “Come up here, Trayvon.” You can find the Cornell Daily Sun article here. As a CU student and the Community Service Chair of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Association, I will be working hard alongside my classmates to make sure that the individual(s)  responsible will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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