What a month it has been…Can you believe 2020 is almost over? Most of me can’t wait for this year to end, but a small part of me is worried about what’s next. Anyways… before going down that rabbit hole I’m going to interrupt that train of thought by introducing this month’s first Thursday pick. This month’s artist is one I’ve been listening to for a long time and she describes herself in the following ways: “a producer and DJ who distinctively ties her New Jersey musical history with more recent involvement in the Philadelphia DIY noise scene, whilst paying homage to her Middle Eastern roots.” Her spooky, eclectically percussive, noise-inflected, club bangers have provided the soundtrack as I’ve danced, written, studied, and washed the dishes over the past few weeks. This month’s artist is none other than dj haram and you can support everything she does here, including her project Grace, and then support the other First Thursday picks here.