September, hello. How are you? I’m okay…late again with my First Thursday post but I’m here so that’s something. My semester has started up over the past two weeks so I’ve been trying to stay afloat, largely with the help of this month’s artist. Speaking of whom, let’s get into that. So this month’s artist is an experimental jazz and electronic musician who blends her sax and clarinet improv with rich electronic and voiced textures to serve us oneiric soundscapes that range from haunting and dissonant to golden and warm. The project that I stumbled on was the third installment of an ongoing series of works that refer back to and build on each other as a kind of sonic Afrofuturist offering. If all of that sounds amazing to you (like how could it not) I strongly suggest you check out this month’s artist, the mighty Matana Roberts, here and THEN take your butt on over to my other artist picks and check them out here today.