I know, I know…I’m a bit late. It’s actually the *third* Thursday of the month but who’s counting? It’s been tough staying focused in the middle of a pandemic so I’m just proud I made it here at all. Anywho…this month’s artist is one I wish I would’ve seen live before everything shut down. Their music defies genres (by design) so I’ll just say I’m drawn to the way their production infuses elements of house, punk, free jazz, and trap. Via raps, chants, moans, and yells they broadcast black queer liberatory anthems that celebrate our capacity to move freely and nonlinearly through space and time. Their music has really helped me to find joy and energy at a moment when both of those feel quite scarce. So without further ado…this month’s artist is none other than Abdu Ali, whose latest project FIYAH!!! you can listen to here or below.  And when you’re done, make sure you listen to the other First Thursday picks here. Have a great rest of April!