Hi everyone! Happy *almost* birthday to me! And happy black history month! The pisces takeover has begun :’). For this month’s first Thursday artist pick I wanted to highlight someone I’ve been listening to for a long time but haven’t had yet had the opportunity to celebrate. This month’s artist is difficult to digest; and that’s said with zero shade. He makes complex, irreverent Afrofuturist noisy rap with rhymes and flows that make you scrunch up your face and purse your lips. Just as you extract an image from his dense lyrics and jagged flow, he’s moved on to painting the next picture. It also doesn’t hurt that he is also one of my favorite performers — all the energy he brings to the recording he brings to the stage. This month’s artists is none other than the NYC producer and rapper E L U C I D. Show him some love by checking out his latest, Shit Don’t Rhyme No More and then enjoy the rest of my First Thursday picks here.