Hello beautiful people and happy new year! I guess I’m totally starting the year off on the wrong foot by dropping this First Thursday post on the second Wednesday of 2020. But to be fair, I spent the first Thursday of the year en route to MAGFest, the biggest music and gaming festival of the year where I rocked the stage with my fabulous, baddie bandmates for over a thousand people. Speaking of MAGFest, this month’s artist is one of the many incredible bands that I ran into last weekend (and during a conversation I realized we had performed together in Ithaca as well). I actually heard of this band quite a while ago (they’ve been active since 2007) and fell in love with their high energy synthy punk tunes. I used to love the Weezer-offshoot The Rentals and this band gives me similar feels. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they put on a really dope live show with energy that matches all of their recorded tunes. This month’s artist is none other than Math The Band! Listen to all of their fabulous songs below and then listen to my other first Thursday picks here. And shoutout to my fabulous friend David Benjamin who made a Youtube playlist of all of the First Thursday picks. Subscribe and enjoy!