IT’S THE FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH! You know what that meeeeans! I get to share new music from one of my faves (who should be one of your faves but might not already be because all the most talented people never get the right shine). This month’s artist is someone I consider to be my sister. She is an incredible musician and one of the most kind-hearted and fun souls I’ve ever met SO I was really excited to hear that she was going to be embarking on a solo career in 2019 starting with the track featured below! She has sultry ass vox and this song is giving me all the sexy-time/ chill mode vibes a bish needs for V-day and beyond. I can’t wait to hear what she has next! This month’s artist is none other than A. aka Adrienne Hailey aka the incredible bassist I work with during full-band sets! Check out her very first single “Rock My Body” here. And the rest of my First Thursday picks here.