OMG this is almost my last post of 2018! It’s the FIRST THURSDAY of DECEMBER so it’s time to share an artist that I think is super duper cool (and that you should definitely know). I saw this month’s artist right here in Philly when he performed as an opener for the old homie Fat Tony and the new homie Cadence Weapon. His energy was very chill and his bars were super fluid and vibrant — a perfect match with the unique instrumentation and jazzy lo-fi-ish production of Swarvy. After talking to the artist at the show I learned more about his interest in fighting back gentrification and helping folks with housing issues — needless to say I was totally onboard. This month’s artist is none other than lojii. Check out his latest project “due rent” below. And the latest episode of my podcast in which we discuss the album (among other things). And the other First Thursday picks.