Damn I’ve really been slipping with First Thursdays ya’ll! Once I have this piece of paper I will be so punctual I promise lol. So anyways, this month’s First Thursday artist is a fabulous human, musician, AND game designer. I had the pleasure of meeting her in September at xoxo (festival for ppl who do things on the internet). After chopping it up about cake and a whole bunch of other stuff, I checked out her video game “Hair Nah” and then peeped her BRAND NEW PROJECT “I Don’t Play Guitar” and let me tell you…ISSA DEFINITE VIBE! She’s got smooth vocals, her production is icy and melodic, and she talks about so many of the things that I feel. This month’s artist is none other than the fabulous Momo Pixel! Check out her new project here. Then check out her game here. And then peep all my other picks here!