Lol this dissertation has me in HIDING ya’ll. I totally forgot to post up my First Thursday artist pick last week but that’s okay, second Fridays are cool too. For those that don’t know, every first Thursday of the month (except this month…!) I share a link to a solo musician or band that I think is great and that you should be checking out! This month’s artist is one who has been supporting me for some time and I want to pay it forward. After a conversation at one of my shows a while back he revealed that he was preparing to drop his first EP, a hip hop record, so I told him to send it to me when he was done — a few months later he popped up in my inbox with a copy of the project. And ya’ll, it was such a vibe! The instrumentation and production is on point (think Chance x Noname) and the flow will keep you on your bobble head ish — give it up for the fresh-on-the-scene homie Savio and peep his brand new record below. And check out my other First Thursday picks here.