Hey friends! Those of you who’ve been following me elsewhere know I’m Berlin-bound next week for a big music video (and Birmingham-bound this weekend for Secret Stages Music Discovery Festival)! I’ve been so busy getting everything sorted out before I jet-set that I forgot to share my First-Thursday artist pick yesterday! Oh well, First Fridays are cool too. Anyways, this month’s artist is one I had the chance to rock with at my only show in July! This band had all the energy, all the harmonies, all the ripping, and all of the bounce that I want at a show. I loved their whole rock-n-roll set, their energy, and the way they pushed through a very annoying technical issue. I’m talking about none other than the fabulous band didiCheck out their sonic stylings below (and they’ve got a new project coming soon!). Then check out my other First Thursday picks here. Then RSVP for one of my upcoming shows. I’ve got big announcement next week :) And crazy stuff happening this fall.