Too much excitement! Not only is today the FIRST DAY of the Galactic Federation Tour but it’s ALSO the first Thursday of the month, which means I get to shout-out an artist I really like! I actually only became aware of this month’s band a few days ago at a gig in NYC. Truth be told I was in a foul-ass mood when I arrived, thinking about the recent theft of my T-shirts and vandalization of my arm cannon. But when I heard this month’s band I had no choice but to leave that all at the door. The vocalist’s melody’s were soft and beautiful and their wavy songs were a little poppy, a little sad, and full of beautiful instrumentation in equal parts from the guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, and drummer. So yeah, this month’s artist is the fabulous band CrumbCrumb. Check out their latest below, then check out my other FT picks, then contribute to this indiegogo campaign to get a documentary about me off the ground!