It’s the FIRST THURSDAY of the new year! How was your new year’s? The only real resolution I have is to stay on top of my First Thursday series, in which I share one of my favorite artists on the first Thursday of the month. After heading out of town nearly every weekend for the last little chunk of 2016, I have to say I’ve seen SO many GOOD musicians, it was actually kind of hard to pick this month’s artist. Guess you’ll just have to stay tuned so you can check out all the others. Anyways, THIS month’s artist is one I performed with in December in Brooklyn and I instantly fell in love with her tunes the moment she stepped up to play her keytar. We ended up having a mutual friend in common and the love has only grown since then. She is so cool and had some of the most skilled musicians on stage with her too. Now go on and get your mind right for 2017 with the fluttery, ethereal, soul, synth sounds of Zenizen. In particular peep her “Australia” EP below and then subscribe to her page for all of the updates.