I have been getting so much great coverage for my upcoming album recently that it’s actually been hard to keep track of everything! Over the past two weeks I’ve had some great interviews with AdHOC, Ithaca Journal, The Ithaca Times, Ithaca Underground as well as appearing on the most recent episode of the PhDivas podcast, curating a playlist for Talkhouse, and oh yeah, premiering my latest video on Afropunk yesterday. But I knew I had to make a special post about an interview I did with my friend Ben Torrey (the artist for my new album) for the Bedhead Sessions, a series hosted by the Ithaca Voice that involves Ben going to film an intimate performance from a band in their favorite home or home-like space. My bedhead session involved two performances and a short video interview from May, as well as a lengthier write-up based on a discussion from earlier this month in which I talked about my new album and a whole bunch of other stuff. This has been one of my favorite interviews t0-date and I really think you should check it out, only if to show some support for one of the best people I know in Ithaca. Peep the article HERE and you can check out one of the sessions below.