Today I get to share the details of one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made: starting with the release of my next album I will officially be joining the roster of Don Giovanni Records. Don Giovanni is full of examples of people who are making their art purposefully and sustainably, maintaining a punk/DIY ethos, and most notably using their platforms to impart their politics. From Downtown Boys to Aye Nako to Moor Mother to the legendary Alice Bag to my homies in Izzy True this is definitely the best space for me to continue talking my shit. What’s also exciting for me is that partnering with Don Giovanni has not meant parting ways with the label that has been supporting me since 2012, NuBlack Music Group (NBMG). NBMG started as a group of Black Cornell students who came together with the goal of making really good music and has since grown to support a roster of regularly-booked/touring artists, placements in notable publications, and a crew of faithful supporters. It therefore wasn’t a question for me that my Don Giovanni releases would have a dual imprint from DG and NuBlack. I am so honored to serve as a connecting point between the homies who have been lifting me up for the past 4 years and a brand new audience.

Sammus Photo 1_Credit-Zoloo Brown

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