For those of you who have been keeping on top of my monthly First Thursdays shout-out series — you’ve probably noticed that I was late this month. Everything that has been transpiring in this country over the past few days has left me deeply “distracted” to say the least. Still I do think that it’s important and even therapeutic for me to share the work of others that I find to be deeply moving. This month’s artist is one I was introduced to quite a while ago through the Ithaca music scene — I was invited to perform at their EP release party and I was blown away by the range of different styles in their music. If you love rich soundscapes and haunting vocals, I ask you to drop everything you’re doing and check out Alter, a soulful rock/electronic group with sprinkles of everything else that’s good and wonderful about music. I truly believe that one day we’ll be watching them on our TV screens so if you want to feel like a cool hipster and tell everybody you knew about Alter before everybody else did, check out their latest below (and thank me later).