Exactly two weeks after dropping 1080p, I never would’ve imagined I’d be making an appearance on the wildly popular music blog Noisey. And yet, yesterday my photo was the featured image for a Noisey piece about the Ithaca music scene entitled “Ithaca, New York’s Eclectic, All-Ages DIY Scene Should Make the Rest of the Country Jealous.” The write-up, authored by fellow Cornellian Dylan Farrell, does an excellent job of highlighting the rather remarkable DIY music scene that has emerged in Ithaca over the past few years (many of you have probably heard me talk about Ithaca Underground). I am so honored to have been selected as one of the talented artists in this feature among creative forces like Izzy True and Shore Acres Drive. As it relates to 1080p Farrell had this to say: “‘1080P’ is an inspiring account unpacking how we address mental health issues in society.” To read the full write-up head here and then leave a comment so they’ll have me back!



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