I know, I know…it’s 2016. But one of the things I promised myself I was going to do at the end of last year was take better care of myself. Since performing my last show of the year at the end of my latest tour, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy my winter break in peace — traveling, finalizing details around my next album, and spending time with my friends, family, and boo. Before moving on to some of my upcoming stuff (including a house-show tomorrow night in Ithaca) I wanted to take a moment to share how incredible 2015 was for me! Although I only released one song this year (three-fifths), my supporters go so hard for me that I was still able to perform across the country (and world) including a performance in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, three tours with my homies Mega Ran and more recently The Doubleclicks, an official performance at SXSW, Gaymer X, and shows at MAGFest events in NYC, Baltimore, and Boston. On the song placement side — my music was featured in a documentary, on national television, in a video game, and recently on one of my favorite podcasts the BGN (Black Girl Nerds) Podcast. Speaking of Black Girl Nerds, BGN represented just one of the many outlets, organizations, and individuals that showed me an incredible amount of the love this year including Ithaca Underground, Son of Baldwin, Scott Hanselman, The Mary Sue, and Impose Magazine among others. And finally, I began (and have nearly completed) working on my forthcoming album with the help of my label mates and audio engineer/DJ good friend Sosa — an open and honest look into my inner workings. Emotionally I can’t believe the highs and lows I have experienced this year — from wanting to end it all and often being in a state of anger about acts of racist and sexist violence this year, to sitting on top of the world with those who matter the most, 2015 gave me everything I needed to move forward. Head here to check out WordPress’s year in review for me! Thanks for supporting and my latest vlog will be up on Sunday to share more!


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