Hey it’s time for First Thursdays (happy October btw), my monthly shout-out series where I show love to an artist to whom you should probably (definitely) be listening. I had already planned to shout-out this month’s artist today, so it’s really dope that I recently had the opportunity to talk a little about my love of her music in my recent Impose interview. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to read the interview you missed me gushing over Ithaca’s own Izzy True, an exceptional guitarist, songwriter, and person! I first had the opportunity to see her perform a few years back as part of a different band and since that time, every single time I’ve seen her perform I absolutely lose my sh*t. She is a caring human, her music is very honest, and oh yeah, IT’S REALLY EFFING GOOD. Did I mention she makes comic books? ::hearts for eyes:: To listen and purchase her latest project, Troll ( Don Giovanni Records), head here. To see the rest of my First Thursday shout-outs head here.  And to check out the video for her latest single, “Swole,” just look below!

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