For this month’s “First-Thursday” shout-out I am showing love to my homie, fellow Cornell alum, and rap collaborator Chance Fischer of Richmond, VA. I don’t quite remember how and when I first came across Chance but I recall being curious about his musical offerings after his name popped up a few times within my circle of friends/artists. Upon listening to him, I immediately connected with his delivery, his bars, and his attention to detail. I liked his style so much that I asked him to provide features TWICE on my first full length project, M’other Brain, and another time on my subsequent project PRIME. I also included him in my associated fictional stories that are meant to be paired with both projects located here and here. For those of you that know me, and how hard it is to collaborate with others, you can appreciate how much this speaks to my belief in him as an artist. If you’re in Atlanta this October make sure you head to A3C Festival because the homie will be doing what it do this year! But if you can’t make it to A3C, make sure you give Chance a listen because I have a feeling he’s about to drop something pretty huge.

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