Do you know what happened on August 15th, 1987? If not, you should — that’s the US release date for the ground-breaking video game Metroid! To commemorate this momentous occasion I will be joining forces with none other than Ryan Fitzpatrick of Platinumfungi (one of the sponsors from the my first tour and a designer who’s work has been featured on Kotaku among other dope sites). On August 15th we are encouraging Metroid lovers worldwide to  share fan art, facts, stories, and anything else Metroid related using the hashtag #MetroidCelebration. Doing so automatically enters you in the running for a chance to win free posters, CDs, and original Metroid designs from Platinumfungi. Last but not least, from now until the 15th, take 15% off all merch in my online store. Viva Metroid and let’s break the internet this Saturday!


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