FOR HARRIET | “Rap Music and the ‘N-Words’ During the Era of #BlackLivesMatter.”

Yikes! I completely forgot to share an article that I wrote for one of my favorite Black feminist publications For Harriet right before I left for Goma. The piece, entitled “Rap Music and the ‘N-Words’ During the Era of #BlackLivesMatter,” speaks to my relationship with the n-words. Specifically, over the past few months I have been struggling with the weight attached with my slowly expanding fanbase and the context in which people are engaging with my music. While I am always excited to have new listeners, it has also meant thinking deeply about how my words are understood. I decided to write through my confusion and what emerged was this think-piece on the n-word. I was initially quite hesitant to submit this article because I feared it would come across as a respectability crusade (which — fuck respectability), but it is too important an issue for me not to address. I hope that I have provided the nuance and care that it deserves. You can read the full article here.


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