By the time you see this, I’ll likely be chilling in the Congo. Can you believe it’s already time for the third installment of “First Thursdays” — my monthly shout-out series in which I highlight artists that I feel should be much more well known than they already are. THIS month I would like to put the spotlight on my friends in the NYC-based rock band Night Class. This band is special to me for a lot of reasons. Those of you who remember my tracks Definitely and Mary Jane will certainly recall my rap partner Joe Kleanest, who now plays guitar in Night Class; in addition, the drummer is none other than my friend and manager Kelechi “KC” Aharanwa. I also like them because they’re into some of the geek stuff I like — search on their FB page and you’ll see a cool little remix they did to a song from one of my favorite games, Bomberman (see the lyrics to Games & Cartoons). To purchase their first four-song EP, Vol. 1, head HERE to their Bandcamp page or check below.  And for more information on the group head to their website:

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