Where did May go? Looks like it’s already time for my second installment of “First Thursdays,” a monthly shout-out series I have started  in order to shed some light on the amazing artists in my network. Last month I highlighted the homie D Nilsz — this month I would like to give props to a young man whom I saw perform at my last show in Orlando, FL in April. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Mag.Lo. In addition to producing some of the best production I think (I know) I have EVER heard, he’s become one of my favorite male rappers and can sing his behind off all while tackling some of my fave topics like social awkwardness, love, and anxiety. If you only do one thing today, I urge you to take a listen through Mag.Lo’s soundcloud page and then thank me later. You can also support him financially through Bandcamp as well.

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