Happy New Year loves! I spent NYE with friends in BK during which time I FINALLY got to cross my desire to perform at a house party off my bucket list! Now that the partying is over and I’m reflecting on 2014, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Professionally, a lot of great things happened — I finally received my M.A., I dropped my first “proper” nerdcore project: Another M, and I had the chance to perform in places I never imagined my music would take me. Still, all of my excitement about my professional growth has been tempered by this year’s many reminders of widespread disregard for black lives as reflected by state sanctioned violence against black men, women, and children. And over in the geek world, the misogynist threats and hate speech that fueled the GamerGate movement served as a sobering reminder of how scary it can be for women and POCs to seek media representation. Clearly there is still a lot of work that we need to do! Stay lifted, be safe, and let’s get it.

2015-01-01 01.21.00-3

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