Anyone who knows me (or has ridden in the car with me for more than 2 minutes) is fully aware of how obsessed I am with NPR. I’m notoriously late for events in part because I often want to finish an episode of radio shows like Fresh Air, Morning Edition, Car Talk, and This American Life. So you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by coder and podcaster (among other things) Scott Hanselman to take part in his podcast: The HANSELMINUTES PODCAST otherwise known as “Fresh Air for Developers.” Check out our half-hour interview/discussion HERE in which we talk about my interests and the stress of balancing the many things I’m attempting to do. Or you can download an mp3 of the episode directly here. Either way make sure you share, like, comment, and subscribe to his Podcast. There’s more where this came from so stay tuned!

Screenshot 2014-11-14 01.53.26

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