As some of you may recall, last week I was in NYC doing interview rounds to promote my latest project Another M. I already shared my interview with the good folks at The Fan Bros, and now I’m super excited to share my second interview on the amazing podcast “In the mix w/ Shoom.” Like Fan Bros, this show is broadcast to over a million subscribers through Combat Jack’s Loud Speakers Network [also home to The Read and The Brilliant Idiots featuring Charlamagne Tha God]! Listen to the interview below in which I talk about the politics of nerdcore, my frequent panic attacks this semester, and feminism followed by a little rapping. Please leave a comment, favorite Shoom’s channel, and subscribe!


  1. Yooooooooo! SAMMUS Teaching these Thundercats! YOUR WORK IS PHENOMENAL! The RADIO LOVES YOU! Kanye will one day be beholden unto YOU!

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