Nu Black

Sammus is startled as she hears someone calling her name. She turns around, ready to attack when she see’s two of her students running toward her, both donning armor suits. Out of breath they slow down as they approach her. “What are you doing here? I thought everybody left the space station and headed back to their home planets,” Sammus says. The taller student perks up. “I know, but we realized at the last minute that we wanted to help you. You’ve been training us so hard for the past few months and we had to pay it forward. Rr…pay it back rather.” The other student nods. Sammus smiles and then shakes her head – “I’m sorry team, but you guys don’t have enough experience. If I work with anybody they’ve got to be on my level. Don’t have time to babysit. Have a safe flight home.” As they start to protest Sammus turns and runs off down the abandoned highway towards the city.

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