Growin’ Up

Entering the city limits, Sammus walks past a tavern from which she can hear faint music. She walks into the bar as the patrons freeze, and the bartender lets out a scream, hiding behind the bar. “Relax!” Sammus barks, putting her hands on her hips. “I’m not a soldier. I’m a bounty hunter looking for leads to find Light Sammus.” The bartender peeks up from behind the bar as the patrons look to each other for reassurance. Finally one woman seated at the bar says, “We gave up being stressed about her a long time ago. Sorry can’t tell ya nothin’.” Another man chimes in: “Yeah we’d rather just go back to living our lives and hopefully Light Sammus’ll leave us alone.” Sammus shakes her head in disbelief. “So you mean to tell me that Light Sammus comes to your planet, kills thousands of people, raises hell, destroys your cities and you all have no problem sitting here getting drunk all day as if nothing happened?” The room sits in silence and then they all nod in unison, turning back to the bar and continuing their respective conversations. Rolling her eyes, Sammus kicks open the saloon style doors and steps back into the street.

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