As she walks through the city, she spots a man hiding behind a car. She approaches the vehicle, blaster cannon pointed. Their eyes meet, and she motions with her hand for him to stand up. Shaking, the man steps out from behind the car and puts his hands up. “Please don’t hurt me…I swear I used to be part of Lib Front but I’m not anymore!” She lowers her blaster cannon. “I’m not on Light Sammus’ team,” she says as he lets out a deep sigh of relief and drops his arms. “You looked a lot like the descriptions I’ve heard of Light Sammus so I wasn’t sure.” Sammus shrugs. “I’m on your side. We heard your distress calls. I’m a bounty hunter and I have a personal issue I want to sort out with Light Sammus.” “Well now that I know you’re an ally you should follow me back to my headquarters where we can meet up with the boss and you can receive your orders.” Sammus growls and shakes her head. “I take orders from nobody. Either you help me find Light Sammus under my rules or I find her myself.” The man scratches his head. “But we don’t have any info about Light Sammus’ whereabouts.” Sammus shrugs and walks off, muttering, “Good luck.”

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