Ithaca Festival Pics

I had an amazing time rocking the Ithaca Underground stage at this year’s Ithaca Festival! The stage was so live and even though I was nervous that hip-hop wouldn’t be received well in a lineup of math rock and punk, I was shown more love than I think I’ve ever received! Thanks I-Fest! Check out some of the pics here on my Facebook page and video footage should be coming soon.



  1. Hip hop is loved but people don’t realizes how much they love it. They think they are being different to not love it because it has become huge but it’s still the biggest under rated music. We have to own and not feel like we have to go beyond it or do better than it. It’s it.
    I love it and I’ll never stop. So hell yeah of course they loved you word!

  2. Keep up the hard work! It looks like you’re having fun and enjoying your craft. There’s no better thrill in life than that! Looking forward to the next release! July 4th can’t get here soon enough!

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