M’other Brain | Album Review

I’d like to start the week off right with a beautifully articulated and thorough review of my June 2012 release M’other Brain from the homey Charity Clay. We became twitter friends based on our mutual femcee skills [check her music out here and follow her on twitter here] and we have continued to interact and support each other musically since then. It’s a long read, and well worth it — for a full transcript, click here!

Charity Clay looking cool

Charity Clay: “M’OTHER BRAIN is definitely a masterpiece!  I respect S∆MMUS as an artist so much for having the skills to manifest her vision; From the production to the arrangements to the lyrics, the concepts and everything is straight from the genius mind of S∆MMUS.  I’ve written more than enough about it here and STILL can’t capture the AMAZINGNESS of this project.  GO LISTEN !”

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