Gira Crew | Live Webpage

For those of you that care about [The Gira Crew], you’ll be excited to know that I spent a good portion of this labor day weekend scanning nearly every picture that I drew of each Gira Crew character back in the day in order to create a site for people to check out the pix, waste some time and maybe get inspired: For those that don’t know, you can either check out the video below or read the back story at the bottom, and then visit the site!

“The Gira Crew” was a fictional anime cartoon I created in middle school, the development of which took up a good chunk of my life and eventually lead to my interest in digital music software production. From 1999-2003 I drew hundreds of pictures, typed up a 400 page story [that nobody will ever read, lol] and began producing music on the digital audio workstation Reason in the hopes that it would one day be used for a game based on the Gira Crew. The rest [I hope will be] history! Don’t forget to visit:——————————————————————————————————

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