Interview | Ivy Betty

Last week I received an email from Adam Ivy asking if he could do a feature for his website Ivy Betty, a web magazine dedicated to providing a positive platform of inspiration to art/artists of all forms and genres. Great news — the post is finally up! Click here to read the full interview and look below for a little snippet.

Your love of video games definitely adds a layer of originality to your approach on music production and engineering. Can you speak a little on that background and how it’s helped you creatively?

I think my background making this kind of music has helped me to think creatively because games themselves have very few creative limitations (except those imposed by the actual technology), and so I’ve taken the same approach towards my music. I have sampled everything from Roy Ayers and Jean-Luc Ponty, to Cold Play and Koop because games and game music taught me never to limit myself. In a more direct way, my love for video game music has also impacted my production in terms of the actual instrumentation. I frequently use a few unique types of synths in many of my tracks because they remind me of certain video game sounds.


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