I’ve had so much to post that this is a little late but I just want to say, I have incredible friends. While I was napping on Monday July 1st, M’other Brain moved from being in the top 32, to the top 16, to the top 8, peaking at the number 6 position. My friends not only let me know, they took a screen shot of the moment and tagged me in the picture, so when I woke up, my success was staring me in my face…book. I am so honored, and touched that anybody, let alone enough people to push me to number 6 out of EVERY HIP HOP ALBUM ON BANDCAMP, would buy my music! It is motivation, no doubt and even on my way to Brooklyn, I will be writing, creating, listening and growing so that I can be an even better artist for those who have supported me in this critical moment. Hope to see some of you in BK today!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, they are still available on Bandcamp  for $5 (or however much you want to give). Your contribution will help me to continue making music for your to enjoy!


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