M’other Brain is a 13-track audio game that depicts the epic story of Sammus, the upstate-NY scholar, former teacher, intellectual bounty hunter, producer, rapper and visual artist in search of M’other Brain. This experience takes you through the twisted, cavernous tunnels of M’other Brain’s hideaway, where Sammus must battle everything from monsters to her own insecurities. Grab your power glove, some good headphones and close your eyes. You are now entering M’other Brain’s world.

You can purchase the album here on Bandcamp for $5 or simply listen to the album if you like. It will be available for free next week on soundcloud, if you do not feel like paying. Thank you for all your support! For all the album art, you can check my facebook page. If you’re in Ithaca, I better see you tonight at the release party! Blast off…


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