We’re making moves to the west coast! By the grace of God I’ve been in contact with an individual from Upper Playground [San Fran-based art company] who supports my music! I’m pleased to announce that both [Games & Cartoons] and [America] have made it onto the first volume of [Multipliers], a music compilation presented by Cold-Blooded Mammal, Nothing Can Save You and Upper Playground featuring several dope artists from across the country:

Here’s the actual writeup: “New shit, unreleased shit, and a couple classics. We wanted something to give out tonight at BEERS, B!TCHE$, & BULL$#!T, so I reached out to the folks who I been buildin with and showin my support for through Nothing Can Save You and pressed up this CD. Every one of these cats I’d put up against anyone else out. ”

Download here. Blast off.


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