Raekwon Show | Whet Yo Palete x Couple Pics

The show last night was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-! My whole Cornell crew [both grad and undergrad] came out, the house was packed, NuBlack was in the building, Rapper H x Kofi Black x JD Era x Maino x Raekwon ALL rocked the mic and I met some great individuals/fans from IC, Cornell, and the Greater Ithaca community. I’ve posted up a few pics below but you can find the rest of my pictures on my Facebook page [make sure you like]. Video will be up later this week as I prep for the drop of my latest LP [M’other Brain]. Thank you to Aryol, Jehiel, Bobby, Morgann, Willie and H the Rapper for taking these amazing pictures throughout the night.



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