Mad Posts x International Love

This post is just a thank you! WordPress recently let me know that I’ve reached my 90th post [woah]. I prolly would’ve gotten discouraged long ago if it hadn’t been for the support, views and shares from everyone so thanks. Special thanks to my number one-commenter.

I also wanted to shoutout any international readers — This week, for whatever reason, I’ve noticed a lot of unprecedented worldwide love on my blog stats, so I just wanted to take a moment out and thank any and everybody across the globe who’s checked out the site. Even though I’m here in Ithaca I’ve somehow gotten clicks everywhere from Brazil to the Netherlands. Merci. Danke. Thanks! [Ahem] Motherland…step your game up. Check out the map below:

Geez! In honor of this landmark…check out my first post, which includes a brief introduction to the original Samus incase you haven’t met her.


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