Show | Brooklyn, NY | Garfield’s Lounge | Mar.25.2012

It’s been a minute. Okay, it’s been 4 or 5 minutes. Alright, a half an hour, damn! So since my last music post a lot has changed, and I’ll be updating the world over the next few posts. But for now, I’m currently getting ready for my first show of 2012! The event is going to be on March 25th, at Garfield’s Lounge [274 4th Avenue, Parkslope, Brooklyn], RSVP here.

You already know Poison Ivy is behind this dopeness!  At the event I will be revealing some new music, so I can’t wait to see you there [and I better see you there]!


1 Comment

  1. CONGRATS!!! WILL DEFINITELY BE THERE–IN THE FLESH!!! CAN NOT wait to hear what SAMMUS been cooking in the lab of hers!!! #HYPE #FRONTrowFAN

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