New Music | Roderick Vonn | GODZLANGUAGE

It’s finally here. No, not that pizza you ordered. No, not summertime either. It’s Roderick Vonn’s debut album  [GODZLANGUAGE], which was officially released March 7th, 2012. Check out the 12 track album here and for the low price of $10 you can learn the Roderick Vonn story and maybe get inspired enough to write your own (like I was).

I am so honored to have made the cut as the only feature on his long awaited release, on the song [CAMRY]. Please check out Roderick Vonn’s honest and heartfelt look at what it means to be a God-fearing artist, man, and individual in a crazy world. [Oh yeah, he produced, rapped, and sound engineered everything. One-stop-shop]


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