[Definitely] on More Blogs

After releasing the new track [Definitely] a week and a half ago, Joe Kleanest and I have since released the video this Monday and the support has been incredible. In just two days we’re at about 670 views and counting, so thank you to everyone who has watched the video, commented and shared it. In addition to all of the viewers, I have to say thank you to some dope blogs that have provided us with coverage too — and if you STILL haven’t seen the video, check it out below to see what you’re [def] missing.


Makes sure you check out this post from http://www.roderickvonn.com, the internet home of outerspace space-city producer and rapper Roderick, with whom I’ve worked with in the past to birth the Andre 3000-esque track, Camry.

And another big thanks to the blog [They Call Me Her]. Make sure you check out this post from certified taste-maker and fellow Cornellian, James Morgan [Morgan James], who is definitely one of the flyest nerds this side of the USA.

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