Omari Soulfinger is…

…one of the most talented, creative and hysterical modern Renaissance men I’ve ever met. Based on his interests [which I’ll get to in a moment] it would seem appropriate to meet a guy like this in some kind of underground art scene or at an arcade, but I actually met him at a questionable super bowl party through fellow teachers during my first year teaching and he instantly stood out to me as someone from my home planet.

Whenever I chat with him it always seems like he’s added something new to his ever-growing list of talents, which currently includes DJing, producing music, creating visual art displays and collages, directing music videos and according to his newest web series [which has received some pretty high ratings on funny or die], he’s also a zany free-styler[?] — free-stylist[?] — whatever the term is, you should definitely check him out in Me and You, a new web series brought to you by TVTransparent that carefully traverses the line between hilarious and thought-provoking. I’ll even start you off with the first two webisodes below at no additional cost to you:

Episode 1: All White People Come from France

Episode 2: I Never Think of your TV as Black



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