Chance Fischer is…

…an Ivy-League rapper, but more importantly a soldier right alongside the likes of myself and Joe Kleanest in the trenches. Of what war you ask? Well, the question is not only, to rap or not to rap…but whether to use our extensive vocabularies to talk about something of substance at the risk of being written off as just another “conscious” rapper [or a lame]…or talk about the usual nignorance [money,hos] and risk ridicule for being a phoney.

The hard part about being an artist and a scholar is that our family members, who spent a lot of time and money [and not just on tuition…all of the years of grooming and developing us through after-school and before-school activities count too] want to see us reap the benefits of possessing a great degree — to most of them, this lies in direct contrast to the starving artist lifestyle. What I love so much about Chance Fischer is his ability to bring other black Ivy League kids into the conversation that is hip-hop without sounding too hard or too soft[pause that whole statement]. His words are always intentional;there’s never any filler. Maybe with his help we can create a world in which every child thinks swag=intelligence. Check out his latest drop, “Best of My Love” produced by J. Cannon.



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